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Career opportunity
Reach the top of the world with Zego!
The benefit to become a Zego ?


Young, enthusiastic, comfortable.
A well-designed office, superb benefits


Develop your professional skill.
Get access and training for new knowledge

Advancement Opportunity

You can achieve anything from any position and accomplish anything you hope for
Will you become a part of us?

You have a sense of purpose, a personal goal in life and always strive to reach that goal

You always look for a way to improve and advance yourself forward

You are responsible, always take the initiative, and enthusiastic about your jobs. Dare to take responsibility for your mistake and willing to fix it.

You are a fast learner who can have the ability to research, persevere, well communicate, have the desire to bring success to your team

Ready to change your habit, your mindset, fast to adapt, ready to learn new things to create a breakthrough.

If the company acknowledges your value, gives you a chance and being fair with you, would you keep on following the company??
Life at Zego?
You become what you believe

Nếu có ai đó hỏi tôi có hối hận khi vào iKame không? Tôi sẽ nói rằng, tôi chỉ hối hận vì đã không đến nơi này sớm hơn!

Chu Mạnh Tiến
Project Manager
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