About us

Established in 2014, iKame was a group of Vietnamese ambitious guys who always dream big. During the 8-year journey, we create a culture of FIRE where we share goals, passion and persistence to success. Even though we face lots of challenges and failures, the ensuing FIRE guides us through all the hardship, then takes us to success after success. Most recently, being honored in the Top 10 Global Studio is the evidence of how the combination of spiritual strengths and strategic mindset can transform a company. 

We strongly believe that our strong culture of FIRE, of endless creativity, of strong passion, of a focus on PEOPLE would help us overcome any challenges and conquer whatever goals we set. Go ahead to become the Top 1 Technology Corporation in Vietnam with the Global presence!

Our Slogan is "JUST FOR YOU"
1. With our members: Benefits, rights and development of our members is the number one priority.
2. With products: Users are the most important.
3.With partners: We put the benefit of our partner above all.

The Vision

Become the Top 1 Technology Corporation in Vietnam with the Global Presence 

The Mission

Build & create an environment of innovation and uniqueness which is also meaningful and admirable

Our core value

I - Innovation

We don’t base our decision on the old ways of doing

We always seek improvements in all aspects of our work

Say NO to status quo

Welcome all ideas

K - Keenness to level-up

Think big, Do bigger and Aim high

Learn new things everyday

Sharing is learning - we focus on level-up ourselves in order to level up our team and our company

A - Alliance (Togetherness)

We work as a team and succeed as a team

We are aware of and appreciate all members in all positions

We seek collaboration at work

We enjoy shared success

M - self-Management

We take responsibilities for our work

Never surrender to difficulties

We continuously learn from our mistakes & successes

We give & receive contributive feedbacks to assist everyone towards shared purpose

E - Esteem for our People

We respect the individuality

We listen to each other

We debate based on mutual trust

We recognize each other’s effort