About Us

iKame was founded in 2014, starting from a small but passionate team with big dreams to become the Top 1 Technological Corporation in Vietnam. After a 9-year journey full of experiments, we remains steadfast with our Technology Vision as we strive to create exciting experiences for billions of users around the world. We are getting closer to achieving that Vision day by day.Currently, iKame business cover 2 segments: Mobile Games and Mobile Applications, achieving Top Rankings Globally.

 In the entire process, we always aim to build up the Flame of Enthusiasm, Ambition, Creativity, Continuous Innovation, the spirit of Autonomy and Sustainability for long-term development. Those values set a solid cultural foundation to enable iKamers overcome all challenges and conquer Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Our Vision

Become No 1 Technological Corporation in Vietnam, striving to reach to the world level 

Our Mission

Delight billions of users all over the world with exceptional experiences by creating top notch tech products that enter in every aspect of human lives

Core Values

On Fire Together
Each iKamer is a Big Fire.
Collectively, we foster progress, overcome whatever challenges, and achieve remarkable advancements.

Think Big
Starting with a Big Idea, trust it, and put 500% effort in thinking & doing.
We believe that Big Hairy Audacious Goals can dramatically expand our capability, and create Unimaginable Leaps.

We don’t base our decisions on the old ways of doing.
We always seek improvements in all aspects of our work.
Say NO to the status quo. Welcome all ideas.

We take responsibility for our work.
Never surrender to difficulties.
We continuously learn from our mistakes & successes.
We give & receive contributive feedbacks to assist everyone towards a shared purpose.

We respect the individuality.
We believe that all feedbacks are gifts.
We debate based on mutual trust.
We recognize each other’s efforts

Think big, Do bigger, and Aim high.
We focus on growing ourselves everyday in order to constantly level up our team and our company